Holes – Summarizer

Stanley and Zero stayed on the mountain almost a week to regain strength. They ate onions, slept and drank water. When they had recovered they walked back to the camp to dig for the treasure that the warden was looking for. Stanley remembered where he had found the lipstick so the knew where to dig. They dug a long time until Stanley found a briefcase. Ha carefully dug a tunnel under it and he could eventually get it out. Just when they got it out the Warden, Mr. Sir and Mr. Pendanski found them. They walked up to them and then they saw a lizard on the briefcase. Then a few more lizards came and soon there were a lot of lizards around them and some was climbing on them. All of them had to stand entirely still for hours so that none of the lizards would attack them. When they had stood there for a very long time two persons came. One of them was Stanley’s lawyer and the other one was the Attorney General. Stanley’s lawyer got Stanley home and closed down the camp. She also managed to get Zero home as well. When they came home they opened the briefcase and in it there was some jewels and stocks as well. They sold it and Zero and Stanley got about a million dollars each. Stanley’s father also made a successful invention and Zero got reunited with his mother. It seemed as Stanley’s bad luck had gone away.

Holes – Summarizer

Holes Discussion Leader

  1. We know that Zero’s real name is Hector Zeroni which is the same last name as Madame Zeroni. Do you think they are related or just happen to have the same last name?
  1. Do you think that Camp Green lake has a positive influence on the boys that are sent there? Do you think they become better people because of it?
  1. What do you think is the greatest risk for Stanley and Zero out in the desert?

       4. If you were Stanley. Would you also have went out in the desert to look for Zero?


Holes Discussion Leader

Holes – Character Tracer

Zero/Hector Zeroni

Zero or Hector Zeroni as his name actually is a prisoner at camp green lake. We don’t know a lot about him before he came to camp green lake. When he runs away and the warden and Mr. Sir discusses they said that he didn’t have any known parents. Therefor he probably had a pretty rough childhood. He might have been living on the street. He didn’t go to school either which we learn when he doesn’t even know the alphabet.

As a person he’s pretty quiet. He doesn’t talk very much. That might be the reason why everyone thinks he’s stupid although he learned the alphabet and to spell pretty quick. He doesn’t complain a lot about being tired and digging holes. He seems to just accept it and deal with the problem instead of complaining. He’s also generous. For example he dug a bit of Stanley’s hole every day just because he taught him how to read. Another example of that was when Stanley found him out in the desert. Then he was almost dying but he still offered Stanley some of the last sploosh.

We know that Zero’s or Hector’s last name is Zeroni. It sounds like that where he could have gotten his nickname from although the other boys said that it was because he has nothing inside his head. Another interesting thing about his last name is that it’s the same last name as Madame Zeroni who Stanley’s great great grandfather should have carried up a mountain but didn’t. He could be a descendant of Madame Zeroni or just happen to have the same last name.

Holes – Character Tracer

Holes – Wordfinder

Waist s.60 r.7 – Midja

Haze s.65 r.14 – Dis/dimma

Sprawled s.74 r.3 – Utsträckt

Startle s.75 r.14 – Överraska/skrämma

Raise s.78 r.14 – Höja

Callus s.80 r. 16 – Förhårdnade

Envelope s.82 r.21 – Kuvert

Stamp s.82 r.21 – Frimärke

Seal s.82 r.21 – Försluta

Rug s.91 r.7 – Matta

Recede s.91 r.13 – Återkomma

Agony s.91 r.21 – Smärta

Desolate wasteland s.92 – Ödslig ödemark

Lowercase s.98 – Små bokstäver

Jolt s.100 – Skaka

Peache s.101 – Persika

Ladle s.104 r.9- Sleva

Remedy s.108 r. 19 – Läkemedel

Arthritis s.108 r.19 – Artit/ledinflammation

Pimples s.108 r.19 – Finnar

Resent s.108 r.24 – Känna sig sårad av

Concoction s.108 r.26 – Hopkok/påhitt

Holes – Wordfinder

Holes – Creative Conector

In the book Zero can’t read or write. It’s common that people can’t read or write in the real world as well although it’s not as common here in Sweden or in the west as it is in the poorer parts of the world. For example in Africa which is one of the poorest continents a lot of people don’t know how to write or read. This is because their parents don’t have enough money to send them to school and the government is so poor that school can’t be free. People not being able to write and read is not the only cause that comes from lack of education. When the people don’t have any education they have no other choice but to be farmer just like their parents. Then they probably won’t have enough money to send their kids to school. It’s like a vicious circle. When you don’t have so many educated people in the country it can’t get richer and it just stays poor.

Holes – Creative Conector

Holes – Summarizer

Stanley Yelnats is a 14 year old boy. One day when he walked home from school and came out of a highway underpass a couple of sneakers fell from the ski and landed right in front of him. He thought it was destiny because his father was trying to invent a way to recycle old sneakers. He started to run home when a policeman stopped him because he thought that Stanley had stolen them. The sneakers later turned out to be stolen. They belonged to a famous baseball player who had donated them to help poor people. Even though he hadn’t stolen the sneakers he got convicted in court. He had the choice of either going to jail or to Camp Green Lake. He chose to go to Camp Green Lake. He went there by bus and it was a very long drive. When he finally got there he met a man called Mr. Sir. He explained to Stanley that he has to dig one hole every day. Later he met Mr. Pendanski who also works at Camp Green Lake. Then he met X-ray, Squid, Barf Bag, Armpit, Zero, Magnet and Zigzag. They liked to call themselves by their nicknames although they did have real names. Later Stanley got a nickname himself which was Caveman. The next day they all woke up early so they could avoid the sun as much as possible. They then simply went out on the dry lake and started digging one hole each. Stanley had a hard time digging his hole and all the other boys finished their holes faster. He got blisters on his hands but he had no choice but to keep digging. Later he finally finished his hole. Then he went home to the Camp, took a shower and hang out with the other boys at Camp Green Lake. The other day the same thing happend. Although that day he found a fossil. He showed it to Mr. Pendanski in hope of getting the rest of the day off because he had previously told him that he would get the day off if he found anything interesting. Although as it turned out fossils didn’t count as interesting. Then X-ray came up to him and told him that if he ever found anything interesting he should give it to him because he thought that he deserved a day off.


Simultaneously as you read the text you get to hear about Stanley’s great-great-grandfather. He was in love with a girl although he didn’t have any money or animals to give to her father. So he went to Madame Zeroni. She gave him a small pig. She said that he should carry the pig up a mountain up and down a mountain every day until the girls birthday. On the top of the mountain the pig should drink some water. Then he was supposed to carry her up the mountain. If he didn’t do that he and his descendants would be coursed. Unfortunately he didn’t fulfil the promise. That’s why Stanley has such bad luck.

Holes – Summarizer